The best card reader

The best card reader

We live in a time when payment options are no longer limited to cash. This means that businesses have to make adjustments to keep up with the changing times. While in the past card reader terminals were limited to a few stores, soon after, everyone would catch on and start maximising on the potential benefits of having a card reader option for their customers.

Now virtually every business has modernised. Businesses that use a card reader are fast becoming the norm and not the exception. What’s even better is that the card reader has evolved so much from what was there initially. The modern card reader now accepts almost all card payments. This means that every customer can easily get service irrespective of their card issuer.

How do I choose the right card reader?

In order to choose the right card reader, you have to be clear in your mind about what you want to be able to accomplish. This is always the first step when going to purchase anything. It’s about understanding the full scope of your needs and then going out to find the right solutions.

For example, if your business entails going to sell to people at different locations, you will need a mobile card reader for convenience. On the other hand, if your business is situated in one specific permanent location, you will need a card reader that is more multi-functional. A POS (point of sale) system would suffice in such a situation.

Here are some of the other considerations that you may have to take into account when looking for a card reader:

1)Cost and fees

If you are still a small business, you want to be saving money in order to grow your business. While having a card reader is important for the growth of your business, always remember that you have enough options to choose from. Remember that it’s not about the cost of the card reader but also the monthly and transaction fees involved. Take your time to weigh all your options.


Business situations are always changing. It means the card reader you choose should be able to accommodate the circumstances of your business as they change from time to time. A good card reader is the one that can be used at your business premises and also while you are on the move.


If your business is currently using specific software, it may be better to get a card reader that is compatible with that software. It makes sense to find the card reader that fits your current software instead of having to make too many changes to accommodate a non-compatible card reader.

4)Accepts a wide variety of cards

A good card reader is the one that accepts a broad range of card payments and doesn’t limit you to only a few cards. This will mean that you don’t have to turn away some of your card using customers sometimes.

5)PCI compliance

If it’s possible, find a card reader that is already PCI compliant rather than having to deal with the compliance separately. This will save you time and money. You don’t want to go through the compliance process again when you have already spent enough time trying to figure out the best card reader.

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