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Why does your business need a card reader?

Why does your business need a card reader? As businesses change, so do consumer habits. This means that the consumer in 2017 is very different from the consumer of, say, 1997. There is a commonly used expression that in life, change is the only constant. Preferences have changed, economic circumstances have changed and technology is Read more »

Understanding card payments

Understanding card payments In any business, particularly retail, accepting card payments is one of the ways to increase your revenue streams. Any business that does not accept the card payment as a mode of payment is sitting on a goldmine. This is because the card payment is becoming the preferred medium of buying goods and Read more »

Some of the available options when choosing card payment machine

Some of the available options when choosing card payment machine More and more businesses are realising that they need to start accepting card payments if they are to expand their customer base and go to the next level. This is because more and more people are moving away from the traditional mode of payment which Read more »

Mobile card payment versus credit card payment

Mobile card payment versus credit card payment These days it is so commonplace to see people using their mobile phones to pay for goods and services that you wonder how much further technology can change the way people conduct business. More than ever before, there is now a high number of people who prefer the Read more »

How to choose the best card merchant service

How to choose the best card merchant service Once you decide to start accepting card payments at your business, it is inevitable that you will find yourself having to choose between different merchant services. It’s always good to have a wide array of options to choose from, but the truth is that sometimes picking the Read more »

How long a bank payment takes to reach your bank account

How long a bank payment takes to reach your bank account The biggest difference between a cash payment and a card payment is that while a cash payment is easy to account for immediately, a card payment takes a while to reflect in your card account. This means that if you have any pending bills, Read more »

Advantages of mobile card payment

Advantages of mobile card payment As mobile technology advances, there are an increasing number of activities that can be completed through the mobile phone. For example, thanks to mobile wallet applications, it is now possible to shop online and make a mobile card payment. A mobile card payment is beneficial to both customers and businesses. Read more »

Why Secure Payment is Important for SMEs

Card payment and online processing are the lifeblood of many businesses. Even if you operate a solely bricks and mortar store on the high street and have no online presence, you are inextricably linked to the digital world. We take paying at a card terminal for granted as customers. Just twenty years ago, the majority Read more »

Ways Consumers Buy Products Today

If someone comes into your store and you don’t have a way for them to pay how they want to pay, what are they likely to do? Customers expect flexibility nowadays and if you don’t deliver, you’re in trouble. How we pay for goods has changed dramatically over the last few years and is continuing Read more »

Card Payment adoption rate expected to grow by up to 7% annually

The increasing popularity in card payments has led to observers predicting that they will eventually overtake cash as the preferred mode of payment. Three years ago, the hospitality industry in the UK saw a 6 per cent rise in the use of cashless methods of payment. Operators that did not accept these modes of payment Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Card Best Payment Method for Your SME

One of the big decisions that any business needs to make is what merchant service it uses. This is the portal that handles card payments, whether online or in store. For SMEs, it is a particularly important choice because they generally have a tighter operating budget – getting value for money and all the usability, Read more »

Why Your Small Business Needs to Make It Easy for Customers to Pay

Why Your Small Business Needs to Make It Easy for Customers to Pay Starting a business is easier than ever. Confidence is currently high when it comes to entrepreneurial spirit and endeavour. Many people, from all walks of life, have decided to take the plunge and start a new venture. Some of us are doing Read more »

How to Take Card Payments Online

Rather than asking the question how to take card payments online, should we be asking how do we need to take card payments? And how can we provide customers with a fast and simple ways to pay? We are now dealing with customer data, so a secure card payment gateway is vital when considering how Read more »

Taking Credit Card Payments for Small Business

If you currently are not taking credit card payments for small business, you might be asking the question should we be. There are many advantages to taking credit card payments for small business. It is not just about the face to face payments side of thing, but taking credit card payments as a small business Read more »

Telephone Credit Card Processing

If you are new to telephone credit card processing then it might help if we break down the jargon a little for you. When you are doing your searches or comparisons, one of the first things you will come across is the term Virtual Terminal, so how does this relate to telephone credit card processing? Read more »

Credit Card Payments Online for Small Business

Cash is king, this might be the correct term when referring to the importance of cash flow in the overall health of a business, but when it comes to credit card payments online for small business they might feel different. It is so important that credit card payments online for small businesses are available. The Read more »

Small Business Card Payment Machine

A small business card payment machine will allow the sale of goods more convienent for customer to pay by accepting card payments. A small business will require a merchant account if not already in place. If you need to set up a merchant account go to and we will help you with this part Read more »

Contactless payments

There are addition devices that can be used to make a contactless payment such as key fobs Smart Cards and others including Smartphones. However, in this section we have covered payments made when using a card that has contactless payment technology.  There are no additional fees for using the contactless payment card however standard fees Read more »

How payments are likely to change in the UK over the next decade?

Every year, Payments UK publishes a series of reports using definitive industry data to give a complete picture of the UK’s payments landscape, across every different payment type. By considering the trends that affect cash, cards, cheques and electronic payments, our expert analysis and forecasts are relied upon by the industry and businesses to help them Read more »

UK credit and debit card statistics

This page contains consumer credit and debt statistics – including statistics on credit card debt, card ownership, fraud, debit cards, bankruptcies and more – compiled by a research team. Statistics on this page will be updated periodically.   Card ownership and use As of October 2016, there were a total of 100.1 million contactless Read more »

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