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Card Payment

The UK has one of the most competitive card markets in the world and with card payments growing year upon year and, people are able to choose from hundreds of different credit cards. Businesses are now seeing a constant increase of payment by card payment.

Customers expect card payment to be a pay option for their purchases. Card payment is how customers expect to pay these days. This is why it is important that your business has a card payment facility.

Think about how offering card payment facility would make things easier for your customers to pay.

In simple terms, there are only two ways that a merchant can accept card payment:

  • Card present transactions
  • Card-not-present transactions

Above explains in simple terms how card payments work. But in reality, setting up a card payment facility can be daunting to say the least, complete the quick quote form above for a free impartial card payment quote.

Card Payments explained:

Let’s start with those who currently accept card payment

Why are you looking to change from your existing solution?

Is it the merchant account side of the card payment process itself? This is the account that exists for funds captured from credit and debit card sales. Or are you interested in simply looking around to see if it is possible to get a better rate than your existing card payment process. Maybe there is a specific change that you require, either way. we can help. Why not give ACP a call on 0333 305 4500 or email [email protected] and, see if we can help you with the card payment rate or that specific card payment issue that you might be having with your existing merchant account.

Is there an issue with you card payment equipment? Do you have the same provider for your card payment terminals as you do for your card payment merchant account? Are your card payment terminals compatible with other Merchant Account providers, or are your card payment terminals tied? This could possibly have an effect on the best financial option when it comes to the available card payment options available, but again simply let us help find the best card payment solution for you.

Some businesses feel that a new card payment mode will require a different solution provider from their existing one. Other businesses looking for an additional card payment solution as in, A company that started initially accepting face to face card payments and now requires web based sales and card payments should they stay with what they know or look around? Some businesses decide to use a different card payment processor for certain types of transactions but with the same card payment provider. Why because sometimes it’s just easier or is it. The thing is if you look for a different card payment provider this takes time, money and effort and there’s still the question of will card payment processes be compatible? At the risk of being repetitive. We can help. Why not give ACP a call on 0333 305 4500 or email [email protected]

For some businesses, the card payment account provider, the card payment equipment provider and the card payment online gateway provider will all be from different providers.

There are many reasons why this might be the case. One being the cost, it is not always cheaper to have all your card payment requirements with one card payment provider. Another is that some companies are better at one element of card payment than they are with another.

There is no hard and fast rule, when it comes to card payments.

Our role in arranging a card payment facility is to give you all the available options that are suited to your business with the best prices and rates.

If you are a business that currently accepts card payment then you will know, getting a card payment facility can be difficult. That is understandable because each business is individual when it comes to card payment requirements, we can help your business find the right card payment solution. When searching for card payment providers, you will find most providers are able to offer good quality card payment machines with the secure technology, however it’s the hidden charges you need to be worried about. Whether the card payment machine is countertop card payment, portable card payment or mobile card payment, the card payment journey needs to look and feel professional. The same with a virtual terminal and taking a card payment, it has to be professional. Taking a card payment with a virtual terminal, is an easy way which is mainly used for telephone card payment order.  Make sure you know and understand the card payment process that you need to follow. There is nothing worse for a customer when making a card payment and, they are expected to pass on their card payment details and, during the card payment they are hearing the person processing their card payment, mumbling and being unsure of what they need to do.

Know your card payment process, know the steps you need to follow when taking a card payment. Know your responsibilities when taking a card payment.

The virtual terminal might differ from provider to provider, but your card payment process needs to be quick and easy to access and use.

Website card payment – The aim here is to make buying online and the card payment process secure for your customers.

Here there are two main options for website card payments:

  1. Hosted Payment Page – A hosted card payment page this is where customers are redirected to a card payment page hosted by a Payment Service Provider (PSP) The customer will fill out their billing and card details to make a card payment. Thereafter they are redirected back to your website.
  2. Direct Payment – Your customer remains on your website and completes the billing and card payment It sends the payment data to your payment gateway. This option requires a lot more work, know your responsibilities in relation to direct card payments before making your choice.


Card payment

If we remove the card payment process from the equation and just think about the cards themselves. Credit and debit cards are a very safe and convenient way to pay. People use them more and more on a daily basis, and that trend continues to grow.

What are you looking for from your new solution?

If you are new to card payment then it can all seen a little overwhelming.

Some suggest. Pick a package, Chat with one of our experts, complete application and start taking card payments. We have a slightly different approach, give ACP a call on 0333 305 4500 or email [email protected]  and speak to a member of our team so we can find out more about your business, we will then offer you free independent impartial advice in finding the right card payment solution for your business.

If you accept card payment at the moment, and want a better rate or simply need to accept card payment via different methods, we can help. Contact ACP today and let us do the leg work for you.