Why you should opt for the PDQ machine

Why you should opt for the PDQ machine

If your business accepts card payments, then you want a machine that will make your work easier and therefore lead to more sales. Although all businesses are not the same, all customers want the same thing; convenience and good customer service. This is what makes a PDQ machine such an important tool for businesses that accept card payments.

The idea behind the PDQ machine is pretty simple. We all know that the world moves at full speed these days. Everyone wants things done quickly. The PDQ machine allows for transactions to be completed in a quick and efficient way, saving time for everyone involved.

Why should I opt for the PDQ machine?

Using the PDQ machine makes a lot of sense for any business. The fact that it uses both chip and pin and the magnetic strip technology means that you don’t have to turn any card-carrying customers away at any given time. Here are some of the other reasons why the PDQ machine is definitely the way to go:

Customers want to save time

We live in a fast world. Everyone wants to just get what they want, swipe their card and move on to something else. Using a PDQ machine will satisfy your customers in this regard and they will always be happy to come back to you because of your fast service.

Safe transactions

This is yet another great aspect of the PDQ machine. Before the chip and pin terminals, cases of card fraud had been rampant with the previous technology and its limitations exposing cardholders to acts of fraud. Now with the PDQ machine, customers can feel a lot safer swiping their cards on this machine. The PDQ machine requires a higher level of encryption and makes it harder for a person’s information to land in the wrong hands.


A PDQ machine can be used in all types of environments and almost everywhere in the world. So if you are a merchant who sells from event to event, accepting card payments is now much easier than it was before thanks to the PDQ machine.

No telephone lines needed

Most PDQ machines are wireless devices. So if you are in a venue where there are no telephone lines or no electricity, a PDQ machine will still suffice. This is not the case with most of the other card payment machines in the market.


If your business is still in its early stages, you want to save as much money as possible in order to keep reinvesting in the business. In addition to the PDQ machine having the potential to add to your customers, it is also quite affordable.

It reduces the risk of handling too much cash

Handling a lot of liquid cash poses a security risk in addition to being a potential area for accounting errors. By using a PDQ machine, you will be minimising the risk while also keeping your records tidy and less prone to errors.

With so many advantages, there is no reason why businesses, small or large, should not maximise the potential benefits of using a PDQ machine. It will make their operations easier and more orderly while also helping to bring in more card using customers.

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