Restaurant PDQ

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Restaurant PDQ

Offering a restaurant pdq payment facility is vital in the catering industry. Do customers really check whether they have enough cash in their pocket before ordering at a restaurant? The answer is most probably NO. Restaurants offering card payment facilities is what we expect these days; the question is does your business have a restaurant pdq?

There is now more and more assumption that a restaurant pdq payment facility will be available so they can pay by card.

If your business doesn’t offer a restaurant pdq payment facility, does that make your business look that little less professional than the establishment down the road who will take card payment.

So why should you take card payment and how can you get a restaurant pdq? He is a few key points.

Reasons why you should take card payments:

  • Spending – If a customer was to walk in with a £5.00 note in their pocket we can all work out the maximum spend but via a card payment people are more likely to Impulse purchase. When buying the main item, we can now add on those extras that we want. We find ourselves buying more than one thing or more than we intended to buy when we walked through the door, with a card payment, we are also more likely to end up treating our self. I short when your customer has a card and the establishment has a system to accept that card payment they’re not limited by the money in pocket at that moment in time.


  • Convenience – A restaurant or food outlet tell the customer that they have to pay by cash. Will they go and find a cash machine, walk or drive past places that offer the same or similar products to you and, then return and purchase? Or is it more likely that they will leave and go elsewhere?


  • Safety – Less risk and less cash on site if you take card payment and less chance of human error. Card payment can change the feel if it be a traditional counter-top card payment machine. Then people know where to go to pay. Or if the card payment is taken on a portable card payment machine, so the customer can remain at the table and the bill and means of payment are brought to then. Restaurants and food outlets are doing more home delivery. With card payment, the money can be taken before the order leaves the establishment or with a mobile device payment can be taken by card at the door at time of delivery.


The main reason restaurants and food outlets state for doing home delivery is that, if they don’t their competitors will and the same goes for card payment. If you do not have a restaurant pdq facility, your competitors most probably do.


Looking and sounding more professional due to having a restaurant pdq payment facility, increases the average spend due to the fact that customers can pay at their own convenience.

How to get a restaurant pdq?:

  • Option1: Fill out a few simple questions of this page, an ACP specialist will then call you to understand how your business works. We will then advise you of the best restaurant pdq payment provider with the best rates.
  • Option2: Call us directly and speak to an ACP specialist on 0333 305 4500, we will offer you free independent impartial advice tailored to finding your business the right restaurant pdq payment provider.
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