How to Take Card Payments Online

Rather than asking the question how to take card payments online, should we be asking how do we need to take card payments? And how can we provide customers with a fast and simple ways to pay?

We are now dealing with customer data, so a secure card payment gateway is vital when considering how to take card payments online. We also need to clarify what you mean by how to take card payments online. Is it via your website that you are looking to take credit card, debit card payments?

Following this cycle, we ask how to take card payments online. Payments Via a Website, then next choice is a Hosted Payment Page or Integrated Payment page

Explanation of a Hosted payment page would be when the customer wants to pay, they are directed to a secure hosted payment page which will appear on your site. You do not handle or transmit the card data. This often works for a new online business, as transactions are processed through a ready-made payment page.

How to take card payments online using an Integrated Page, this is where a page sits on your website. This means that you will have to meet the Data Security Standards. The advantage is it gives you complete control over the look and feel of the payment page, and the customer will not leave your website giving a seamless experience. If you are a business with a large online customer base this may work better than a Hosted payment page.

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