Telephone Credit Card Processing

If you are new to telephone credit card processing then it might help if we break down the jargon a little for you.

When you are doing your searches or comparisons, one of the first things you will come across is the term Virtual Terminal, so how does this relate to telephone credit card processing? Well a virtual terminal is basically the web version of a physical credit card terminal.

How do they work:

  1. You log in via a web browser to your secure card payment page.
  2. Input the card details manually.
  3. Click process payment.

If you have decided to look into the telephone credit card processing side of things it must serve your needs. If you are able to accept card payments quickly and easily, it will show a high level of professionalism to the customer on the phone.

Things to consider when thinking about applying for a telephone credit card processing service:

Your telephone credit card processing payments are they one off payments, or do you need to be able to schedule payments for the future?

You will see no contract used a lot when looking into telephone credit card processing. You will need to know which is best option for you, as No Contract can often be placed with higher rates. One very important question is, what do you believe your annual payments will be via the telephone credit card processing side.

Having a good payment process means that you will get paid quicker. Invoices can be paid instantly and securely over the phone via a telephone credit card processing service which can help speed up payments.

With a telephone credit card processing service such as a Virtual Terminal your business can accept credit and debit card payments by phone. This is accessible from a PC, smartphone, tablet or any compatible device.

Make sure that you know the process well because if you are accepting payments over the telephone, you need to make your customers feel secure.

If you use a payment gateway, ensure that the Virtual Terminal will be compatible. If you are unaware of the gateway function please see All you need to do is simply enter the card details and cardholder details into a secure card payment form, this will connect to your payment gateway for authorisation. A transaction should only take seconds to process and a response is sent back to you for confirmation. Telephone credit card processing can be that simple.

There are factors that need to be considered when looking at telephone credit card processing. So why not contact ACP today, and see if we can help? We offer a free quote for your telephone credit card processing needs, or if you prefer you can call on 0333 305 4500.