Is it time for you to start accepting card payments?

The answer is more than likely yes

In this day and age, every business must make it as easy as possible for people to make payment. We have all seen people walk away because no cash or a copy does not take cards. Arranging for you to be able to accept Card payments has never been easier. Fewer and fewer companies are now cash only sales and, people’s expectations is that they will be able to pay by card and that your business will accept card payments.

Accepting Card payments has never been easier or quicker to arrange.

With a few question about your existing set up and your requirements a system can be put into action that will be quick, easy and affordable

To a customer, having to divulge their bank information for a large purchase is both time consuming and annoying and with changing times not everybody will know there details. If your small business is accepting Card payments, it is better for all concerned, encouraging a customer to return is key, making there transaction quick and easy just adds to the feel of good customer service.

How to Set It Up

If you are not currently accepting Card payments then there is a simple process to follow The process is quick and most financial institutions will approve a basic form of merchant account in a few working days. This will allow the business to accept card payments via cards such as Visa and Mastercard,

When making the application think about the type of service you want to give, how will be you customers, what will the maximum and minimum value of a standard transaction? How many card transaction in an average day.

Think about your customer who they are and what they need

When applying for a merchant account give as much information as possible, give the correct information. Get it right at this stage and the whole process will be quicker and easier. Card payment applications means that the business applying will have to show certain criteria that will help the provider make a decision of the type of business and the risks involved.

What Is Needed To Run The Application?

Depending on your requirement the software and, hardware might differ. This will depend on many different factors such as: Will you be taking payment with the customer present or, will a customer not present process be needed. There can be a mix of both but, take time to think what a realistic percentage of each might be. The percentage does not have to be 100% correct but the more accurate the better and, the percentage might affect the rate you will be charged. If website payments them again there is a different route needed.

The company arranging the merchant account for you will be able to help and give advice. They can also arrange any and all equipment needed to ensure that the payment process can be set up correctly

What Else Can Be Explored in relation to card payments?

Different companies will offer different rates. Don’t just think about the percentage being offered on transaction. Look at the monthly fee charged. Is there a cost per transaction and what the minimal cost of these is and how many transactions are you allowed before you possibly have to pay a higher rate? Equipment charges / rental and length of contact also needs to be taken into consideration
Should the business not wish to go through their direct financial institute, then there are other ways of being able to accept Card payments. That particular business can then apply to use a third-party company, such as PayPal. The forms are much the same, but the terms can be quite different.