Ways to accept credit cards

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Ways to accept credit cards

Rather than asking the question: ways to accept credit cards. The question should be, how do you want to accept credit cards.

What will work best for your business and where do your main client base come from. Ways to accept credit cards is a very broad term.

Businesses who need to accept credit cards as a form of payment from their customers, need to consider the ways available.

Is your business a traditional walk in, where you see your customer face to face? If so this takes us down one route with multiple options, or do you need to look at other ways to accept credit card?

When making the choice and considering the best ways to accept credit cards take a few simple steps.

Face to face
Yes, then which card machine works for you, one of the main factors here is do you take payment from a fixed location? if yes countertop card machines is the best choice. Countertop card machines let you serve the customer quickly and seamlessly from your counter, and with built-in contactless technology if required.

Other ways to accept credit cards face to face is through the use of a portable card reader. This will enable you to take card payments anywhere on your premises as it is a wireless handset with connects to a central dock. This distance may differ according to your building. This will be covered in more detail in the portable credit card reader section.

Also, when considering ways to accept credit cards especially if you do not have a fixed location or you are on the road or even if you visit customers at their home, there is the mobile card reader option. The mobile card reader machine allows the flexibility to take payments anywhere. Connecting via mobile phone network, so you can carry it with you and take payments on the go. More important than taking it with you is the fact that you can take it to where your customers are.

Online Payments
Other ways to accept credit cards could be online payments. The main advantages is the ability to sell to more customers in more locations. Request payment by email, take online card payments via your website or via a virtual terminal allowing you to process payments made over the phone.

When thinking or considering the ways to accept credit cards remember accepting credit cards can boost your sales. Credit cards also encourage buying, they show the greatest difference with impulse buying. Accepting credit cards is a requirement if you do business online.

By accepting credit cards, you are making things more convenient and easier for customers. Levelling the playing field when having to compete for customers. Also, some customers will pay via credit card as they have more time in repayment.

These are not the only ways to accept credit cards, so why not contact ACP today and see what we can do for you. Even if you simply want to see what options are available to you when considering ways to accept Credit Cards.

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